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Artist | Professional

My name is Amber and I'm an art enthusiast
and deviously addicted to DeviantART. Yes, its a healthy addiction I assure you!
I am the Community Volunteer for the Anthro gallery!

There is nothing that I wouldn't do for
this amazing community.
From the embers of near artistic defeat, DeviantART, friends,
family and the community has forged me from those ashes
and molded me into the
artist I am today and aspire to be.
You can always find me lurking around
DeviantART eager and willing to help out my DeivantART community!

[AI] Vol. 12 - lost-tyrant

Thu Oct 2, 2014, 11:00 AM by KovoWolf:iconkovowolf:

Artist Interview with the Talented lost-tyrant

Thank you lost-tyrant for allowing me the opportunity to interview you, and providing the community with some amazing feedback about yourself and your art!

KovoWolf asks "Tell us a little bit about yourself! What first perked your interest in the Anthro community and Anthro art itself??"


Hey, My name is Rafael, I'm a lax American southern male. I like to draw concept art for character development and backgrounds weaponry design and characters are my specialty. Just wanna make something visually interesting and appealing.

Robin Hood, Disney's the Jungle book, Tale-spin, The Lion King. There was so much anthropomorphic influence at a younger age, I couldn't help but to be inspired by some of that. Especially when I would be on punishment, all i had access to was a book. I think this book called Disney's uncle Remus's stories. the artwork in it help me begin to understand hands, due to its simple hand drawings. That book was a good outlet for inspiration, while not being able to do nothing else. could at least sneak some drawings of OCs that were inspired by it. Honestly, I hated the way I drew my human noses back in the day, until I was introduced to Sailor Moon in the 5th grade, lol


KovoWolf asks "What is your favorite piece from your gallery? Why?"


My favorite piece, I dunno, I like pretty much all of them. But i might have to go with The image "Together", just because that has a lot of character concepts I like in it. When I look at it, I'm refreshed, I'm taken somewhere, I tend to start daydreaming.

Together by lost-tyrant

Together by lost-tyrant

When I look at it, I'm refreshed, I'm taken somewhere, I tend to start daydreaming. - lost-tyrant  

KovoWolf asks "How much of your art, would you say, is for aesthetic purposes (to be admired by the viewer), and how much is it about a message to the audience?"


I'd say like 97 percent is Aesthetic. I just like to draw print like works and concepts mainly. If i draw something with meaning, I will probably make something relating to a dream. Something heavenly or something. Always wanted to draw a picture that shows an all encompassing love.

Nooo by lost-tyrant

If i draw something with meaning, I will probably make something relating to a dream.- lost-tyrant  

KovoWolf asks "Where does most of your inspiration come from for your artwork? All your characters are breathtakingly portrayed as more real animals with 'human' traits. Where did this idea first come from?"


I like sci-fi and especially fantasy. I love the concept of elves and were-creatures, anything different or exotic and natural. I'm usually inspired by ancient cultures like Greek/Roman, Japanese and Egyptian, Native american. Also their Folklore and deities. I was inspired by games as well, like rpgs and platforms. Other artists inspire me as well. Thank you, I keep trying to make stuff interesting. 


KovoWolf asks "Being an artist we always find ourselves improving and growing from our old works. What is your least favorite piece in your gallery? Have you learned a lot sense this piece artistic wise?"


I think The fat Dante picture is my least favorite- I felt I slacked off more toward the background upon completion of the piece. I think this among others are stepping stones to reach higher in understanding in general.

Hangin Out by lost-tyrant
Hanging On by lost-tyrant 

KovoWolf asks "What do you find most challenging about Anthro art or your art in general? How do you feel DeviantART has facilitated your artistic ventures? Has it allowed you to expand?"


The most challenging is always the pose really. I can place the character onto the background fine, but when it comes to poses, sometimes I'm just at a loss- Ill draw multiple attempts that are all off sometimes. DA has definitely. There are so many artists on it that are on par or above my level in every aspect. I can always look to the side of a deviation and gather good study material through that. Nowadays I'm floating around tumblr mostly.

but grandma put a pencil in my hand once to keep me from crying, that's what started it all - lost-tyrant

KovoWolf asks "How long have you had a passion for Anthro art? Was there someone who inspired you? A group of people?"


You know how parents give you stuff to do when you are a toddler? I got some toys and stuff, but grandma put a pencil in my hand once to keep me from crying, that's what started it all. I got into anthro at like age 10, I didn't start to really shine until the end of high school though. Before i learned to color digitally, I would hang around VCL since i had nothing at the time but a computer. Now though, Jay Axer Influences me a bit. But im more into the mtg artists at the moment- Im trying to up my understanding for color, light and visual composition.

KovoWolf asks "Is there anything that you are working on, project wise / art wise, that you want to share with the community?"


I have a lot of schoolwork at the moment, and friends are in town. There is a plethora events going on to where my plans are on hold. I have a card game I'm trying to create, other than that I will keep trying to write information on characters I want to conceptualize. I do have a picture I've been wanting to do- I want to do a game character compilation picture, where various game characters come together to play games. Hadn't done a big picture in quite some time.

King Kazma by lost-tyrant

KovoWolf asks "Do you have any advice to offer future / current / aspiring Anthro artists?"


Stay enveloped within the community. Find an art circle online. If you aren't able to, just keep doing what you love to do. Never stop drawing, and look at all avenues of art styles, like old school Merry Melodies or Loony Toons. Disney, to artists on DA. There are a lot of references out there. You gotta stay focused. Regularly draw, like i mean maybe have a good couple of hour sessions every week to start, keep doing it whenever you have to wait, like on a train- have that sketchbook out and draw instead of texting.

Draw what you are comfortable with, the goal is to get used to what you draw/ get comfortable first, then move on. Find things you know you can draw, then find things that you might be able to draw- Tackle the little things first then slowly move on up. Before you know it, you'll look back and see an improvement. You'll see that you no longer get stumped drawin' that certain thing you used to trip up trying to draw.

Have patience and Enjoy it. Without that passion, itll be impossible to improve. Best of luck out there, you all! =3


Copyright KovoWolf
Designed by KovoWolf



Artists Toolbox

Work With The Best

As a Digital Artist our world of creativity comes with a wide variety of tools at our disposal. Here you will find a list of tutorials that will help you with your Digital Art. Whether it's with backgrounds, details, or just brushes.

Why Should I use Tutorials For My Digital Art?

Digital Art is becoming increasingly popular for artists transitioning from traditional art to another medium. It's a medium that has a wide variety of options available to every artist out there and that's why it's so appealing ( among other long listed reasons )! Tutorials are essential but how do you know which one to choose?
  • Who's The Artist? This might seem like a silly question but it's important to look at the artist in which the tutorial is created from. Does their tutorials exhibit an array of skill that will be helpful to you? Is it clear and concise? Does examples of their own art display the skill and technique you're looking for?

  • Is The Tutorial Well Written? This might seem straight forward, however, you won't believe how hard it is to learn anything from a tutorial that isn't well structured. Make sure that if you are investing your time into a tutorial that it will be helpful to you in the end

  • Is It Useful? Make sure the tutorial is actually useful to you. This could be how it's written, what the subject is about and the type of art you are trying to achieve!

Tutorials Are Great But..

Make sure that you develop your OWN style too! Tutorials are not designed so that you can replicate/copy an artists exact way of painting. Every artist has their own unique way of painting and it takes years and years of practice and beating on your craft. Tutorials are a way to show you different techniques they've learned to help them so that you can improve your own style. To help with anatomy, techniques, how to properly use a brush, etc. So make sure you don't loose sight of what a tutorial is and is meant to achieve for you!

So in an effort to promote some great tutorials, I've searched through a wide variety of them to find the best and straight forward tutorials that, not only helped me with my own art, I hope you will find useful as well!


Tutorial #18 : A possible path on the color map by AquaSixio

Background/Landscape Tutorials

Rock by DavidSequeiraCiameth's Rock Tutorial by Ciamethscarypet's SnowyMountTUTORIAL by scarypetRocks Are Hard... by nathieHow to speedpaint green chaos. by nathieBackground tutorial - Part 1 by kalamboTutorial 8 Beneath other skies by AquaSixioTutorial 13 Like a fish out of water ? by AquaSixio


+Starry Sky Tutorial+ by EnijoiCloud Tutorial Part 1 by yuumeiNebula Brushing Tutorial by ladyrapidTutorial 2 You have your head in my cloud by AquaSixio

Objects/Still Life

Magic egg step by step - tutorial by rykyCrystal Progress by Pikishi

Full Digital Paintings

Step-by-Step Digital Painting Tutorial by QinniProgress: Cognoscente. by ShineraiTutorial: Adding Color With Gradient Maps by ShineraiTutorial 14 Photoref to make the difference by AquaSixioTutorial 15 Adjustment layers brought to light by AquaSixioMebukijika Process, With Brushes by hellcorpceoTutorial 17 A turtle walkthrough by AquaSixio

Fur Brushes

  I would like to highlight some of the best Fur brushes including some very helpful tutorials that will get you onto the right path for improving your art with all fury creatures!

Fur Tutorials

Fur tutorial/walkthrough (mainly longer fur) by LhuinA Fur Tutorial: Part 2 by CoyoteMangeFur Tutorial by Tatchit

Fur Brushes

Brushes: Fur part: 3 by Snow-BodyWildlife Texture Brushes by CoyoteMangeFur Brush Pack by CoyoteMange

Commission Me!



KovoWolf Commission Prices 2014 by KovoWolf

If you have any questions, please send me a note!



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