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January 12, 2009
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Visions Speak by KovoWolf Visions Speak by KovoWolf
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01/14/09 - edited the essay
01/12/09 - added a little bit more detail to the wolf's fur as well the background

Title: Visions Speak
Contest Details: [link]

What does Speak Visual Mean to you?
When words softly brush a tender voice against our ears we often find ourselves looking for reason, for meaning and for what the word conveys. Its like your lost in a visual dream , you are on a quest for an answer. A motion sending you spiraling by your minds breath. When you're looking at a piece of artwork, it is a visual expression of the artists mind. When they find themselves unable to speak the words they feel, when they find weakness in a time of darkness, when they’re caught in a spiral of emotion, they paint this for you. Whatever the medium the artist uses, the mind holds no bounds because the details of what is before you envelopes you in a sea of sentiment compassion that will take hold of you and fly you to anything you could envision. The medium is a mode of transportation, the soft gentle wings that take you aflight and will glide you across the calm waters of your thoughts and emotions to allow you to focus on what is before you. You will find yourself escorting your eyes over a piece of their soul, a piece of their desire, a moment captured in time in a visual representation of how a person feels or felt at that time. It sends a fierce stream of electricity throughout your body and at that moment you can firmly say “I really know how this person was feeling because I feel it too”. A firm relationship is suddenly developed between viewer and artist. What is appreciated is the visual eye candy producing words of satisfaction and devouring you into a world of unthinkable imagination. In itself, a single word can provoke the utmost and empowering emotion known to man, words bring us vision. It can make a smile and it can make a tear. Words can be a delivery of ones self or thing, such as art can hand out to its viewer. Art is pure expression and even the simplest of words could be beautiful, harsh, light and dark. You don’t always need to have words to express your inner imagination, art can do this very thing, but accompanied with vocals and voice can only strengthen that very message. Naturally when looking at a piece of art, you would find yourself submerged within your inner muse. Your mind will travel along the path set before you and happily skip down the lane of letters putting together what your mind paints for you to see and how to feel. It can be kept a secret, or it can be shared with others, but most of all it is for you, this is the gift an artist gives to you. This is where I want to take you..

This piece represents the inner voice within all artists. Wolves have a special meaning for me and to which is my subject that will represent speaking visually. The wolf embodies the very idea and core of power, strength and voice. Through their beautiful songs sung at night or day, we feel something. A strong connection and very much like the wolf, they sing to their family and loved ones very much like art in its vibrancy would sing to its audience. With art, it is in a way like the mother, singing and sharing with its children and family. Through their very eyes we can feel our blood grow cold and then warm at the same time as the majestic unknown seeps slowly into our very body; a power given, a beautiful song painting its voice across the obsidian sky and stars for all to cast their wandering gaze upon and appreciate, just like the very stars and sky, that in itself is art. This piece represents the voice and to any words unspoken and to words spoken. The need and desire to express who we are and most importantly, share what we believe to be a piece of ourselves with everyone else around to whom as well could appreciate it. The most powerful thing we can possess is words and combined with art can take anyone to a extraordinary place, to our place even if it is just for a moment. It allows the viewer to take back what we envision with them. Emotions rise to the surface and something unknown can fester just at the tip of your tongue. But what is it? Seeing with your eyes is just the same as speaking what you see, both your eyes and your voice are connected, for your eyes are the windows to your very soul, the canvas you paint for everyone to see into. All things have a voice and all things have imagination. To the artist, his/her art is his/her voice. Listen. Hear it. Speak it. Appreciate it. It is a glimpse into their world. It is a horizon of indescribable possibilities just for you.

That is where I wish to take you with this piece… possibilities. I want you to follow the path I set before you and wander to your muse and imagination because that is where solace and adventure can be found. I have lit the way, it is up to you to follow.


"Visions Speak"© 2009 Amber "Kovo" M.

DO NOT take/redistribute/copy/alter this idea/image and drawing in any manner what so

ever. This idea/layout is respectfully mine. I’d appreciate it if you not use this idea (layout or

art) without my prior written consent and permission.

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SaberSkittlesWolf Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011
Could i or others possibly use this as a Laptop Background? I felt like asking for your permission. :)
KovoWolf Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011  Professional General Artist
I can make it a background :)
SaberSkittlesWolf Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011
Okay :) Thank you.
Puppylove329 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2011
Beautiful concept,this is great
euphoricmadness Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow, just wow. The colors you use are amazing.
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