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July 3, 2012


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Anthro Artist Feature & Interview - Silverfox

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 3, 2012, 5:39 PM

Welcome Anthro Community to the #7th issue of Anthro Artist Feature Interview. This issue will feature the talented dio Silverfox5213!

Commission for Digidrag by Silverfox5213

Is full of imagination and talent! From the highlights in the eyes to the whispy spin of the of the dragon spirit.

You have to love the reaction of the character in seeing such an anomaly!  

Silverfox5213 has such a unique gallery. Every piece is full of exquisite detail, amazing highlights and shading and such imagination. Each piece from Silverfox5213's gallery is truly inspiring. I have become such an honored fan of Silverfox5213's work and I know you will too. It is my honor and pleasure to bring to you the very talented Silverfox5213!  


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! What first perked your interest in the Anthro community and Anthro art itself?

My name is Yee Chong, I am from East Malaysia. I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia 8 years ago and had been working as a graphic designer in a local advertising firm. It's a low paying, dull and unchallenging job. I quit my job last year and is currently working as a freelance illustrator drawing mostly anthro stuff for clients from both DA and FA. I started drawing anthro art when I was 15 after watching animations like Disney's Robin Hood, The Fox and the Hound and a Japanese anime Akazukin Cha cha (that white wolf dog character actually influenced my current art style a lot!) Since then, I've been drawing them all the time until the point where my parents started telling me how I'll starve myself to death if I don't draw something else :D


2. What is your favorite medium to work with? Why?

Digital, it's cheaper (apart from the software and hardware needed) compared to traditional painting. Other than that, digital painters can afford to make mistakes, they have the freedom the undo, change color, distort and start all over again anytime they want. The only downside about digital painting is, you don't really have the original (unlike traditional painting) which you can hold in your hands.


3. What is your favorite piece from your gallery? Why?

Egg Seller by Silverfox5213

Despite the lack of artistic skills back then, I like the concept of combining fantasy and reality and how well it interacts with the viewer. If I have the time, I will definitely repaint this with my current skills!


4. You have such a great style of art! Your attention to detail is uncanny! Its so refreshing and unique and really makes your art stand out! Where did you pick up this style of art? or develop this style of art?

Thank you, as mentioned earlier, my initial style was heavily influenced by Japanese anime/ kemono. I came across Alphaleo's (:iconalphaloe14:) painting while browsing Yerf (the only anthro art community I knew back then) and was totally blow away by his attention to details in most of his works. He introduced me to Deviant art where I found more inspiring artists like Bobby Chiu (:iconimaginism:) and Ovopack/Ryota Murayama (:iconovopack:). So in short, my style is a combination of elements found in the said artists: Detailing from Alphaleo, weird and wonderful from Bobby and cute from Ovopack.  


5. Where does most of your inspiration come from for your artwork?

My inspiration came from various sources such as music, movies, art books and various websites like DA, FA, Pixiv and cghub. I also have a folder where I keep all the inspiring images I found over the net, when I am having an art block, browsing through that folder never fails to spark new ideas for my next piece.


6. Being an artist we always find ourselves improving and growing from our old works. What is your least favorite piece in your gallery? Have you learned a lot sense this piece artistic wise?

The piece I dislike the most is Egg Thieves by Silverfox5213, there's too much "why didn't I do this or that" in this picture. I spent a lot of time composing this piece but ended up sloppily due to time constraint. What I learned from this pic is, manage your time wisely and do not paint just for the sake of painting it, the amount of effort and love spent on an artwork is easily detectable even by non-artists.  


7. What do you find most challenging about Anthro art or your art in general?  

The most challenging thing in anthro art is to make them look believable, the closest way to do this is to add in elements which the viewer can relate to, eg: anthro character interacting with a human or doing things we normally do etc. Besides, you also need to master the anatomy of both animals and human. The other thing I find it challenging is to make my art appealing to everyone (both furries and non-furries)


9. Is there anything that you are working on, project wise / art wise, that you want to share with the community?

Apart from working on multiple commission piece from various client on both DA and FA, I'm also one of the artist for a children website in Czech ( I handle most of the graphics for the website eg: buttons, divider, header, calendars and misc character illustrations. Speaking of calendars, I was invited to join the RARE anthro calendar project by :iconashalind: recently, that's something I look forward to right now!


10. Do you have any advice to offer future / current / aspiring Anthro artists?

My advice is, focus on what you like and what you're good at and be really good at it, it's better to master one or two skills than be a jack of all trades. Secondly, draw a lot and expose yourself to different genre of art (not just anthro art) by different artists, by doing so, you will eventually develop a unique style of our own. A unique art style is crucial as a freelance artist because you're not the only one doing this, you're competing with millions (or more) artists around the world and a style helps you to stand out from the rest. If people can recognize your work instantly with just a glance, then you're on the right track.

Commission for Xcliber by Silverfox5213 Commission for Kamuniak by Silverfox5213 Saturday Afternoon by Silverfox5213

Commission for Seraphon by Silverfox5213 Commission for Otterbutt by Silverfox5213 Commission for Kikivuli by Silverfox5213

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