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October 1, 2012
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October 2012 - Anthro Challenge #88
Wrong Potion

Hello Anthro Community! Welcome to the 88th installment of Anthro Challenge. This will be a special installment because guess what? We are now an official contest hosted as a part of communityrelations and some awesome gifts will be donated by the lovely Moonbeam13! From now on, Anthro Challenge will have its own contest category that members can submit too! So I am happy to announce our first one! 


Stay tuned for the posting of the next challenge!!! We have one each month! 

Contest Details

Theme: Wrong Potion
Deadline: October 1st 2012 - October 31st @ 11:59pm PST check your local time ( Note: The timer doesn't have "59" so it says 55. Just be aware it is 59 )

Submit Here:…


Uh ho! It looks like you took the wrong potion! What better way to celebrate the month of October then to throw in a little Halloween, magical fun!  We are asking you, the Anthro Community to take up this challenge of drawing your character taking the wrong potion! It could be your character of choice took a love potion? grow wings potion? shape-shifting potion? opposite sex potion? The sky is the limit! Be creative and most importantly have fun!


1st place: Cross Brush T-shirt & 3 month premium membership

2nd place: 3 month premium membership

3rd place: sticker pack I


:bulletred: Your submission must comply with DeviantART's submission policy

:bulletred: Your work must be your own

:bulletred: One entry per person!

:bulletred: Must be anthro related!

:bulletred: Your submission must be created for this contest and not a previous (already) submitted deviation
:bulletred: You may use stock but all resources must be referenced in your description

:bulletred: Your submission must be submitted to the correct contest gallery to count here ( Contests -> 2012 -> Anthro Challenge -> October - Wrong Potion )

:bulletgreen: Any medium is welcome! Including literature!

:bulletgreen: Literature Submissions must follow these guidelines to qualify: Your literature deviation must represent the theme and clearly describe to the audience about what would happen if you took the wrong potion. It must also clearly state that it is Anthro related (ie: a description of your character matching that of an Anthro character) and the scene has to clearly describe what we're asking for in the contest! Have fun, be creative!

:bulletgreen: Be as creative as you can!


Contests -> 2012 -> Anthro Challenge -> October - Wrong Potion

What Is Anthro Challenge?

Our Group: anthrochallenge

This is a challenge built for the community, by the community. Visitors of the IamAnthro Chat-Room  (the official chat-room of the anthro gallery), came up with the idea. It aims to offer the community spesific challanges each month to test their artistic skills against. These challenges range from a simple word like COLD or go more in depth and detail about what your challenge is.

The point of Anthro Challenge is to push artists outside their comfort zone. To think outside the box. We sometimes, as artists, get stuck on a particular topic. Maybe it's because it is popular or maybe it's just because it is your favorite subject. Regardless, our job is to offer a challenge to you and see how far you can take it! 


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Rai1712 Nov 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Have the results been posted yet?
KovoWolf Nov 9, 2012  Professional General Artist
I will be posting them soon : )
AskPonyDaiana Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
when will they/her/him decide who la winner is??
KovoWolf Nov 2, 2012  Professional General Artist
We hope to have the winner announced soon! There is no true date I can give as I am waiting for all the judges :)
AskPonyDaiana Nov 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LT-Zaezar Nov 1, 2012  Student General Artist
I can't wait to see who won, or has it already been posted? I never know where to look with these things...
KovoWolf Nov 1, 2012  Professional General Artist
It will be posted in a journal who the winner is :)
Gabizolas Nov 1, 2012  Student General Artist
I can't submit! maybe it has already closed :/
KovoWolf Nov 1, 2012  Professional General Artist
It closed at 11:59pm PST time :(
Gabizolas Nov 1, 2012  Student General Artist
yes I've figured out :c thank you. There will be more opportunities :)
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