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2 deviants said Madefire 'Fran Kenstein' Artist Challenge! (Day 3)Meet the minds behind Fran Kenstein!
The countdown to Madefire’s Fran Kenstein Artist Challenge continues with our latest update! Let’s meet the dynamic duo that hatched the original concept for our heroine:
First up—tell us a little about yourselves!
Liam: My name is Liam Sharp (liamsharp) and I’m a writer, artist, co-founder and CCO of Madefire, and Matylda (matyldamai96) is my preposterously talented eldest offspring.
Where did the concept come from? Was it reading the original novel or somewhere else...?
Liam: Often, while I was working, Matylda would come and work in my old studio shed in Derby, and we would throw ideas around--particularly the strange roadkill dog-beast thing, Igor. She said what if a character could build her own boyfriend, but couldn't get it right? And that was really the heart of the concept...
Why do you think
No deviants said Madefire 'Fran Kenstein' Artist Challenge! (Day 1)     Artist Challenge!
For Madefire’s last artist hunt on deviantART, waaaay back in 2012, our goal was to simply find a great artist to draw a monster story that our CCO, Liam Sharp, had written. And to say we were really pleased with the results is an understatement — not only did we have dozens upon dozens of remarkable submissions, we found a truly amazing creator who’s gone on to produce a number of stories for us. Here's the episode that came about from that contest:

This time around, however, we want to make it a bigger, more involved challenge — and a challenge it’ll be! Like before, the winner will get a paid Motion Book gig through Madefire; but rather than simply sending us your existing samples, we’d like you to take the initiative and show us how YOU would approach the story and characters. We’ll provide the script page, character designs and the de

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Ben-Abernathy Featured By Owner 6 days ago
This is awesome--thanks SO MUCH!
KovoWolf Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
Np! <3
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